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Frequently Asked Questions

Digi Yatra is a Ministry of Civil Aviation, Govt. of India led initiative to make air traveller’s/ passenger’s journey seamless, hassle-free and Health-Risk-Free. The Digi Yatra process uses the single token of face biometrics to digitally validate the Identity, Travel, Health or any other data that is needed for the purpose of enabling air travel.

The Digi Yatra process makes the ID, Travel and other documents’ verification faster, completely seamless and hassle-free. Passengers don not have to handover physical documents to CISF security, Airlines and other agencies etc. therefore it offers a health-risk-free process to passengers, airlines, CISF security and other agencies.

The Solution is built on W3C standards using Self Sovereign Identity (SSI), Verifiable Credentials (VC), Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and uses a Distributed Ledger for decentralised layer of trust between the various participants of the ecosystem.

No, your face biometric data or any other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is not stored in any central repository or database.

Once you download and install the DigiYatra App from Google Play Store/ iOS App Store, you get a secure wallet inside the App. All your credentials- (Identity, Travel, Health etc.) will be stored locally in this wallet.

As a passenger, we want you to be in control of your credentials’ data. You would have to share the credentials’ data with the airport operator in advance of your travel. Generally this would happen from 24 hrs prior to the Scheduled Time of Departure (STD) of your flight to 60 minutes before the STD. You will get a button to share your credentials to the relevant departing airport. Once you share your credentials’ data to the airport, you can arrive at the airport in a ‘Ready to fly’ status.

There are two parts to the process: 1. One time enrolment through the app. 2. Sharing credentials before your travel

Passengers are expected to share only relevant data as needed to carry out the processes required at the airport.

e.g. If you are travelling domestic in India, the airport security needs to check your identity, your travel document and possibly your health document as well. So only relevant data will be shared such as ID validation (name and facial biometric), Travel documentation (PNR details, ETKT etc), Vaccination status

The airport will retain the biometric data for 24 hrs post departure of your flight. This is primarily for security reasons.

No, it is not mandatory.
However, to enjoy a seamless travel, face biometric single token is used to validate all your documents, if you choose not to share your face biometrics data, then you would have the option to go with the manual process of sharing all the relevant documents like ID card, Travel document, Health document etc. at relevant airport checkpoints

Registration/ enrolment to the DigiYatra App is a one-time process. You don’t have to register every time you travel.
For each new travel instance, simply add the new travel document and share your credentials prior to your travel.

DigiYatra App is a national App and the registration is usable at all airports across India, however the deployment at airports across India is happening in a phased manner. Details of the airports and airlines on Digi Yatra will be made available on the App.

We are at the beginning of this exciting journey and will be adding more functionality and new features to make travel seamless and hassle-free for all passengers in India

For any exigencies, please do carry your physical Govt. ID at all times.

Processing passengers on International flights is on the roadmap of the Digi Yatra Central Ecosystem and will be taken up in a phased manner.

The Biometric algorithm extracts the template for a face match using certain points on the face. Wearing a turban does not impact this validation.

Entry check and other validations shall remain the same at the departing airport even if passenger is going through Transit/ Transfer at another airport.
However, passenger processing at the Transit/ Transfer airports will be taken up at a later date.

The process at the entry gate is as follows: first scan the boarding pass and then face biometric is captured and matched with the credentials submitted in advance by the passenger. This ensures a 1:1 match i.e. your live face is matched with the face that you had shared in advance. This is from a security perspective.
But later on as the Digi Yatra process evolves, the vision is to have a barrier-less process at all check points from airport entry gates to the boarding gates.

At this time, the Digi Yatra app accepts only AADHAAR as it has been integrated, however, we plan to integrate additional government issued identity documents in the future.

Digi Locker is a preferred option. I
If you don’t have a Digi Locker account, you can easily open the Digi Locker account through the Digi Yatra App itself.
We have integrated offline AADHAAR as well as another option to complete the enrolment process.

Currently, Digi Yatra supports passengers with AADHAAR. We plan to integrate Foreign/ Indian passports/ e-passports in the future.

If you lose your mobile phone, then you can download and install the DigiYatra App again on your new phone and follow the same process of enrolment/ registration.

If you change your mobile phone device, then you can download and install the DigiYatra App again on your new phone and follow the same process of enrolment/ registration.

Download The App

Scan the relevant QR code with your
phone to download the digi yatra app.

Download The App

Scan the relevant QR code with your
phone to download the digi yatra app.